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[.begging to be badass when badass has been achieved.]

[.to each his own.]

25 October
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to each hisown.

Yo! So, welcome to my livejournal. I never actually had my profile filled in until I did a friend meme, so uh. Bear with me. Or is it bare. Fuck, I don't really care, haha.

:D Allors, je m'appelle Liam. /shot. Okay, my attempts at the French language aside... hi.

Whats up. :D


Did you know that racecar is the same word backwards. So is the sentence, "Ten animals I slam in a net." I love palindromes. They amuse me greatly.

So a little bit about me.

I write, I drink snapple, I burp, I breathe, I eat food. I love hanging with friends and skating places. I'm a Junior in highschool. Uh. What else. I've got an older brother, and two young nephews. (fuck yeah I'm an uncle. :D /happy.) I'm a guy, and-- oh shit.

I fucking love snapple.

Not that you really needed to know that. But it was an interesting fact, no? Yes? Of course it was.

SO. Now that I've gotten everything above out of the way.. you didn't really need to know anything above this point. So. Uh. Yeah!

Again, I'm Liam. Junior, seventeen years old. Male. Horrible at coding, sucks at cooking except spaghetti. And popcorn. I live off ramen and macaroni and cheese. Uh, I've got a pretty messed up mind. Not that I think I'm crazy or anything, I just think the people in your brain that supposedly keep everything in order and neat are on permanent lunchbreak. fucking bastards. D8

In my journal there's probably going to be a lot of strange stuff. Can't really tell you though. You'll just have to find out, nyohoho? It's partially friends-only. I'll make whatever fics I write public though. Add me anyway. I love friends. <3 (and food. yes. food.)

So I also happened to get really bored one night and ended up making ADAM LAMBERT the biggest tag in my journal. No, I am not a huge fan of his or anything. I just thought it'd be epic to have ADAM LAMBERT as the most used tag on my journal. Wouldn't you?

Uh. Again, I'll probably add more eventually. But for now, I'll leave you with the easy-ways to my heart.

M&Ms, Spaghetti, kittens. Girls with dyed black hair. Fanart. And uhm. Stephen Colbert Iambic Pentameter. I:

WAIT. CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THIS. I. FUCKING. LOVE. VIRGINIA. The state, I mean. It's epic. I will move there. You know I will. FFFT.

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